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We are always listing only countries, cities, languages and specializations for which we are having information available. Our team is always adding new doctors in new and existing countries to provide you with an even higher coverage all over the world.


"During our last holidays in Spain our 2 years old daughter got sick. Thanks to DocEverywhere we could find a German speaking doctor who helped our daughter so that we could enjoy the rest of our holidays."
Marty & Katrin with maya
Vacationers & Parents
"While travelling for the last 16 months through South America I faced a serious health issue and I was really happy to speak and get treated by an English speaking doctor. Otherwise I probably would have needed to interrupt or end my travels."
World Traveler
"Living and studying in Berlin was always my dream. However, German is a very difficult language. Speaking to a native Spanish doctor when being sick just feels very good, because health is the most important thing to me."
Expat & Student
"As a business consultant I am almost every month in a different city in the world. Getting an English speaking doctor in case I am sick is very important to me to be fully back in life as soon as possible."
Business Traveler


Our team is always adding new doctors. Our goal is to cover every country in the world so that access to healthcare will not be an obstacle for staying abroad.


You will have access to our service anytime and instantly. Our service will also always be free of charge for our users.


We want to provide access to healthcare to everyone and in every situation in life. Doesn´t matter if you are just travelling, living abroad or if you have to leave your country due to inner conflicts.

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