This week I am wrestling with one of my personal pianistic bête noirs: the dread cross-rhythm (or ‘poly-rhythm’). Analysis. We’ve looked at muting , picking patterns , and scale and harmonic choices and now we will to look at the rhythmic ideas used in modern metal.Cross rhythm, also known as rhythmic displacement, is now quite a common feature of metal rhythm parts in the modern metal subgenre affectionately known as djent. Faculty Of Arts & Commerce; Faculty of PTC; faculty Of B.Ed; faculty Of Physiotherapy; Faculty Of B.Sc; Paramount English medium school; Paramount Gujarati Medium PC: Bertel King. I'm looking for simple examples of songs that use cross-rhythms or polyrhythms. I ran into this AskMe question about cross-rhythm and would like to hear some. I can hear them just fine on the wikipedia pages with those helpful little graphics, but not anywhere else. In real songs. Another example of Polyrhythms in jazz are pieces by the drummer Elvin Jones. Here's a great example of a track in 3/4 time, with a cross-rhythm applied to the clave part in 3/8 time (appears at 3:40): Sticking with Âme, one of the best examples of cross-rhythm use in Techno is arguably in their classic track 'Rej', which dominated dance-floors throughout the late 2000s. Polyrhythms In Metal. To find out how you make these rhythms in Bounce Metronome see the see the Polyrhythms like 4/4 : 4/3 feature.. As an example to show how these work, 4/3 (Brian Ferneyhough's Notation) has four beats to a measure, but the beats are third notes instead of quarter notes - so it has three beats for every four beats of 4/4.So the four beats of 4/3 span a measure a third longer than 4/4. Ameya King. There is a slightly blurry line between polyrhythms and cross rhythms. Modern Metal Rhythm Guitar Part 4 – Cross rhythms. A 'cross rhythm’ is what the following example explains. Let’s take a 5/8 cross-rhythm for example… This 5/8 cross-rhythm is just a bunch of eight notes grouped in 5′s throughout some bars of 4/4. In my mind, the former spring out of the latter. I am ashamed to confess that at my time of life (mid-40s) and pianistic ability (advanced), I have never truly mastered playing a cross-rhythm (for example, triplets in right hand over duplet quavers in left hand). 5x2=10 (not divisible by … Without going into too-technical theory, a polyrhythm is made from two or more rhythms that haven’t been designed to work together, played at the same time. One time signature over a different one. These are all examples of cross rhythms. 5/4 over 4/4 Take the top number of the odd time signature (5/4… 5) and multiply it until you get a number divisible by the top number of the even time signature (4/4… 4). The djembe rhythm influences can be heard in compositions with two cross-beats over every measure of a 3/4. Many newer genres of music such as rock, metal, and indie rock are centred around simple rhythms and time signatures. I hope that serves as a helpful study of jaathis, gathis, and cross rhythms. That was captured in the middle of me dancing for a (different) thillana during the Sri Sai Dance Academy 2015 summer camp!