Francis Algernon West, Frank West became available as a playable character in the PC version of, Like in the originals, Frank was a hidden character in, Frank also appeared in the crossover SRPG game, Frank was originally deconfirmed for the original, Frank is the only character to appear in all the. Frank appears in the fourth main installment as the game's protagonist. Frank West. 1970 Top Contributors: Jon Ryan, Fred Gennille, Joel Taylor + more. Frank is first seen in the beginning of the game where he hits the zombified TK with a baseball bat before he could kill Chuck. Zombies The director activates the factory's self-destruct mechanism. For some diehard fans of Capcom's license, Frank represents Dead Rising at its best and worst. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Frank West is a main character from the Dead Rising series of survival horror games. Add to Cart. Add to Cart. No one here is going to judge - worth 20 Gamerscore Looking good, Frank. Dead Rising 4 Frank West Green Cotton Jacket. Birthplace RELATED: Top 10 Capcom Beat-Em-Ups, Ranked. DEATH BATTLE! 1 Background 2 Trivia 3 Images 4 See also 5 Notes 6 External links Frank is a handsome man. Carlito is then captured and fatally wounded by Larry Chiang, a pyschopathic butcher. Upon landing, Frank meets a mysterious man named Carlito Keyes who hints to the outbreak being far more than it seems. He serves as Chuck Greene 's partner and player 2's character in Co-op. He is also fairly strong, being a wrestler and cliché "badass". A loose cannon who doesn't like working for, or with, others, Frank's research style, articles and photos are all unregulated and sold to the highest bidder. While Nick is somewhat bland, Chuck serves as an enjoyable and sympathetic alternative to Dead Rising's iconic journalist. Frank Wests dritter Auftritt in der Dead-Rising-Serie ist für alteingesessene Fans nur bedingt ein Grund zur Freude. Wir haben die PS4-Wiederveröffentlichung getestet. He sees the town of Willamette, Colorado as his "next big scoop" when he is first introduced in Dead Rising. Frank West is a freelance photographer and photojournalist who has covered many world events, wars, and other big stories. Originally coming to Willamette for the "scoop of a lifetime", Frank at first thinks that an incident he witnesses with a helicopter pilot is a simple riot. On March 27th, 2015, a feature film called Dead Rising… He enlists the help of Stacey Forsythe and later teams up with her (and Rebecca Chang) to find out the truth behind the outbreak. See Dead Rising 2 for the chainsawed-and-duct-taped sequel, Dead Rising 3 for the Darker and Edgier third game, and Dead Rising 4 for the holly jolly fourth entry. Frank West In Dead Rising 4: "Frank steht auf" wird Frank West zum jüngsten Spross der Willamette-Horde. In dieser Anleitung zeigen wir euch wo ihr die Frank-West-Statue finden könnt. As Frank is waiting at the designated place, Isabela bursts through the door with a zombie close behind. Hood, Mike Haggar or Soki. Along with a group of NPCs, Frank spends Dead Rising trying to survive in a mall and eventually uncovers the cause behind the outbreak. Directed by Yoshinori Kawano. Within Capcom's series, Frank has been voiced by two actors. United States of America Although he doesn't make an appearance in the story, Frank is mentioned multiple times throughout the game. Height Birthdate Once back, Isabela and Frank go to her brother's hideout, but Isabela cannot crack his password. Something went wrong. and the like. Weapons and Melee. In the series, West is a freelance journalist. Frank West is the main protagonist of the Dead Rising video game series. What are the odds that a journalist armed with a baseball bat and a camera could defeat the likes of Ghost Rider, Magneto, and Morrigan Aeensland? The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Sadly, Frank's original voice actor T.J. Rotolo was not asked to return; Capcom opted to hire a new actor, later revealed to be Supernatural and Planet of the Apes star Ty Olson. Frank arrives at the meat processing area to find Carlito captured by an insane butcher, Larry Chiang, who sees him as a slab of meat. He's not even particularly good looking. N/A Afterwards, Jessie calls Frank and sadly informs Frank the military will come at midnight to kill everything and everyone, so the incident will be forgotten. Dead Rising. Frank West Statues. In the series, West is a freelancer photographer and photojournalist turned … Hooded feature with an amazing green contrast. These changes to the character were not especially well-received by the franchise's fanbase. His personality is such that he would rather visit dangerous places to satisfy his desire for adventure than out of any sense of journalistic curiosity. Because the way he established his style influences people. He was also mentioned by Chuck Greene while he and Nick were pursuing Hemlock. Anyway, this mod features: * Perect head replacement (Fits perfectly with glasses, like Frank wears in the series) Once they succeed in preventing the mall's destruction, Brad is killed after Carlito shoves him into a room full of zombies. Turnierhinweis: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe „Santa… 27. Frank and Chuck learn that the director of the facility managed to cure herself of the zombie infection. He first appeared in the 2006 video game Dead Rising as the protagonist. Frank West: Cross-dresser achievement in Dead Rising 2: Off The Record: Dressed up completely in women's clothing. In Dead Rising 4 gibt es einige Erfolge die ihr freischalten könnt. Afraid of Needles: He's not exactly thrilled at having to receive his first shot of Zombrex. Frank West is a fictional character and photojournalist from the Capcom video game Dead rising.He is the main protagonist of the game and is voiced by T.J. Rotolo.. Story. Add to Cart. He then transforms into one of the undead, and is killed by Brad. ", "Heads up, Donald Trump," "Zip your mouths, criminals!" After it is killed, Frank thinks that she has been bitten, but Isabela says it is really a gunshot wound from her brother. She is then taken back to the security room for questioning in lieu of Carlito. Pixie: It’s time for a DEATH BATTLE! Directed by Zach Lipovsky. Fighting Style Frank Rising falls somewhat flat as the focus on Frank's abilities is a weak replacement for the franchise's trademark weapons system. I agree with you dude, Frank is the face of the series. A group of people fight to survive in a zombie-infested town. Grund dafür ist der Wechsel des Synchronspreches für die Hauptfigur. The survivors saved by Frank escape via helicopter piloted by Otis, but Frank and Isabela are left behind. Infizierte müssen es täglich nehmen, damit sie sich nicht verwandeln. However, Dead Rising 4 suggests this quote might just be a fib that Frank uses to get his way when someone is not buying what he is selling. Frank West is basically a different character in Dead Rising 4. Once Frank defeats her, she claims the zombie parasite came from Santa Cabeza and that Carlito is her brother. When Frank finds Brad, he is ambushed by Carlito Keyes, who manages to escape after the fight. Shout Outs can be found here. Just after she reveals this, Jessica is attacked by Barnaby. Frank West, a photojournalist, sneaks into the town of Willamette, Colorado, to investigate why it has been sealed off by the National Guard. NEXT: 10 Canceled Capcom Games You Never Knew Existed. A cardboard cutout of him (as well as Chuck Greene and Carlito Keyes) can be found in the museum, as well as a short biography stating that he is currently a zombie consultant and public speaker. After Frank defeats Larry, he interrogates a dying Carlito. A loose cannon who doesn't like working for or with others, Frank'… Frank West is the protagonist of Dead Rising.He is a photo journalist who, upon hearing of "something big" happening in Willamette, Colorado, takes it upon himself to investigate.Frank soon finds the city infested with the undead and voluntarily strands himself in the Willamette Mall to dig deeper into the mystery of their origin. Isabela explains that Carlito was planning on blowing up the mall, which would release the zombie plague beyond Willamette. His appearance can also be changed by visiting various stores around the Willamette Shopping Mall, ranging from suits, dresses, hats, sunglasses, masks and more. Many players didn't connect with Dead Rising 3's protagonist nearly as much as Capcom had hoped, which led to Dead Rising 4 bringing back the original protagonist of the series: Frank West. Frank manages to defeat Chapman and, in the process, saves a woman from captivity. He … Frank becomes something of a celebrity, at least for the first few years following the Willamette incident. The game is a reimagining of Dead Rising 2, with that game's protagonist, Chuck Greene, replaced by Frank West of the first Dead Rising. After the landlines are open, Jessie is able to contact the government. Putting aside DLCs or non-canon remakes, West is only the protagonist of the first and fourth entries in the franchise. Measurements Not only is his design altered significantly, but he is also far more self-centered, pessimistic, and obnoxious than in Dead Rising . * * * “This is my STOOOOORE!” With a roar of fury, Phillip Chapman charges at Frank West with his blade-studded shopping cart. —Fontana upon confronting Frank. Dead Rising ist ein von Capcom für Wii und die Xbox 360 entwickeltes Einzelspieler-Videospiel und stellt eine Hommage an George A. Romeros Zombiefilmklassiker Dawn of the Dead dar. Now against her brother's cause, Isabela devises a plan to disarm the explosives. He's particularly good looking. Die Staue ist auf dem Dach des Gebäudes auf einer Matratze. Isabela says she will talk Carlito into surrendering and agrees to meet him at a rendezvous point. Not the typical journalist, Frank is quite capable of handling himself in combat and is very keen to help other survivors to safety. The latter only debuted two years after the release of the original Dead Rising, showing that Frank was a hit on arrival. Full Name Frank West is basically a different character in Dead Rising 4. This article only covers Carlito Keye's role in the story. Frank West is a freelance photojournalist who has been quite active in his career, covering several events, including wars. Seller: courtney (26,465) 100%, Location: Pottstown, Pennsylvania, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 202263205053 Frank West Multi-Tool - Dead Rising 4 - Loot Crate Gaming Exclusive . Description This mod replaces Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips with Frank West and Chuck Greene from Dead Rising 2: Off the Record/Case West. Frank West. Dr. Barnaby finally awakens, but refuses to talk to anyone with Frank there, calling him "paparazzi". Something went wrong. Now, in all fairness, 16 years have passed between the events of the first and fourth entries in the series, so it makes sense that Dead Rising 4's Frank is not the same person as the one found in the original release. Is Dead Rising 2: Case West canon? Anti-Hero: Type II, compared to Chuck Greene's Nice Guy persona. Francis Algernon West, more commonly known as Frank West, is the protagonist of Dead Rising, Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, and Dead Rising 4. With Terence J. Rotolo, Kim Mai Guest, Laura Napoli, T.J. Storm. Dead Rising 4 ends with Frank falling into a horde of zombies and becoming one, a moment that seemed to mark a sad end to this gaming icon. Whenever you hear of Video games, you must be making out Frank West. Dead Rising 4 gets single-player story DLC in April.. Dead Rising 2 sought to appease the fans by including Frank West in Case West, a DLC episode that saw the journalist teaming up with Chuck. Uttered in the first game and referenced frequently in subsequent adventures, this line provides a tiny hint at Frank's background, suggesting he served as a warzone reporter. TJ Rotolo handled the role for most of the character's early appearances, voicing the journalist in Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2: Case West, and Dead Rising 2: Off The Record. Frank West is the protagonist of Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record and Dead Rising 4, and also appears in the downloadable content of Dead Rising 2: Case West, and the film Dead Rising: Watchtower. Frank West scenes from Dead Rising 4. Der Dead Rising 4 „Frank West“-DLC soll am 4. Dead Rising 4 brought the … Dead Rising's protagonist has featured in his share of other games, including the first two Lost Planet titles, Project X Zone, and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars. This Frank West Dead Rising 2 Jacket is available in Cotton. Frank West is a fictional character from Capcom's Dead Rising video game series. Clearly, Frank West gets around. By spending time in Willamette, he manages to get the story of a lifetime after covering the first known zombie outbreak in US history. With an unmatched level of weapon and character customization, ambitious new features including new zombie classes and EXO Suits, Dead Rising 4 … Frank has an unusually deep sense of determination to find the next big story, taking big risks in order to achieve his goals. Frank, after coming by a helicopter, becomes stranded at the Willamette Shopping Mall. After a second confrontation with Carlito Keyes, Brad is injured and Carlito escapes yet again. DEAD RISING Triple Bundle Pack. He would later appear in the downloadable Case West and later Dead Rising 2's non-canon re-imagining, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. He's a big guy, with a lantern jaw and a no-nonsense attitude, and all he's interested in is the biggest scoop of his career. By the time of Dead Rising 4, he's 52 but is even better at killing zombies than ever. Frank West Multi-Tool - Dead Rising 4 - Loot Crate Gaming Exclusive This is a Loot Crate Items. —Frank West. His personality is such that he would rather visit dangerous places to satisfy his desire for adventure than out of any sense of journalist curiosity. Once there, he meets Jessica McCarney, Brad Garrison, and Otis Washington. Frank's weapon of choice seems to be a baseball bat since he is usually seen holding one in most of the artworks he appears in. Try again later. While these games include a couple of nods to Frank, they mostly stand on their own. Dead Rising 2 - Frank West and Chuck Greene (Michael and Trevor Replacement) By TheNathanNS 1.) Case 1-2: Backup for Brad Brad Garrison and Frank West confront Carlito in the Food Courtas he mercilessly shoots at them. This whole mess was created by experiments run by the government, a truth Frank brings to the masses. Frank West Statues are miniature gold statues that commemorate the legendary photojournalist Frank West from the original Dead Rising. [Clip from Dead Rising.] Frank and Chuck head to the Phenotrans Facility to contact Frank's source. Frank returns to Isabela and gives her the locket which contains the password to his computer. Jessie then asks Frank to acquire a first aid kit for Brad from the pharmacy in the supermarket. Isabela Keyes mentions him while discussing the cure with Marian Mallon and accuses him and Chuck of leaving her to die after the incident at the Phenotrans Facility. Frank West: Cross-dresser achievement in Dead Rising 2: Off The Record: Dressed up completely in women's clothing. Add to Cart. Updated 10 years ago UnsafeChainsaw . Unable to find Zombrex in the shelter, he sets out for the Royal Flush Plaza in order to find his daily dose. Frank usually wears a black jacket with a white button-up shirt, green pants and brown shoes. It, admittedly, did not last too long and Frank eventually found himself stepping behind the camera once again. Eventually overwhelmed by the power of the two me… He is the main protagonist of the game and is voiced by T.J. Rotolo. Frank promises him that he will reveal the truth, … The mall is eventually breached when Lindsay Harris opens the doors to get to her dog, Madonna. Dead Rising 4: Frank West lädt per Weihnachtsgedicht zur Zombie-Jagd ein. In the "true ending" of Dead Rising, Isabela helps temporarily subdue Frank's infection from the struggle and escapes with him out of Willamette. Am 6. He can wear a blood-spattered Servbot head, or dress as B. Dead Rising 2: Off the Record - Wikipedia She appears as a playable character in Namco × Capcom, and is paired with Fong Ling from Resident Evil: Dead Aim as a single unit, while in Project X Zone she is paired up with Frank West from Dead Rising. With Jesse Metcalfe, Meghan Ory, Virginia Madsen, Keegan Connor Tracy. What are some must-know facts about the journalist? As touched upon in Dead Rising: Road to Fortune, the journalist took full advantage of his meteoric rise in fame. Capcom Database is a FANDOM Games Community. Frank West(フランク・ウェスト,Furanku Uesto?) Darin: das Hauptspiel und alle DLCs von „Dead Rising 4”. Once inside the mall, he goes into the Entrance Plaza and finds many survivors. He first appeared in the 2006 video game Dead Rising as the protagonist. Off the Record features Frank West instead of Chuck Greene, in a reinterpretation of the events from the original Dead Rising 2. N/A Commander Maria Eleanor Raquel Fontana (simply known as Fontana) is the secondary antagonist throughout Cases 0-4 in Dead Rising 4.. She is head of the private military organization called Obscuris based in Willamette, Colorado that was cloning humans to aid in finishing Dr. Barnaby 's research on immortality. Als es in einer Kleinstadt in Oregon zu mehreren Ausbrüchen kommt, wird sie evakuiert. When Frank offer to help her, she quickly gets angry and runs off. Mit einem tödlichen Arsenal grotesker Zombiemutationen und unersättlichem Hunger ausgestattet, muss Frank seinen Appetit stillen, sich zusammenraufen und aus der Stadt kommen – bevor die Regierung seine Fallakte für immer schließt. N/A Upon closer inspection, however, Frank realizes that something more sinister is happening in the town of Willamette. The franchise marked a clear attempt by Capcom to craft a license that could appeal to an international audience; consequently, Frank was conceived to be an everyman. Try again later. Hope that clears it up for you. Dead Rising 4 Best Frank West Scenes / Moments. Weight Frank West, a freelance photojournalist on the hunt for the scoop of a lifetime, pursues a juicy lead to a small suburban town only to find that it is being overrun by zombies! When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. Capcom might have played around with new protagonists, presumably opting to copy a page from Resident Evil's book, but Frank was too beloved to ignore for long. Please consider supporting my Patreon: Thank you :) SUBSCRIBE!!! This is because of his PTSD from the Willamette outbreak and how he never received any meaningful compensation for his actions, his fame was short-lived and the secrets of the outbreak were buried and burned. No one here is going to judge - worth 20 Gamerscore Photojournalist Frank West finds himself trapped in a … Frank's story begins with a trip to Willamette, the location of the first zombie outbreak. In Case West (which takes place after the events of Dead Rising 2), Chuck Greene asks for Frank's help to clear his name. After a brief struggle, Barnaby reveals that the zombies were accidentally created in an attempt at mass producing cattle. This change was implemented to reflect the character's evolution, as the studio picked Olsson to emphasize that Dead Rising 4's Frank is older and "more grizzled." While in the Entrance Plaza, he briefly sees a Hispanic woman, who leaves when they make eye contact. There is no cure. Frank doesn't appear in the sequel, he is only mentioned numerous times. Capcom then made Dead Rising 2: Off The Record, a remake that replaced Chuck with Frank.