Many tourists who visited Turkey will expect to see the dry Turkish sauna as a Turkish bath, but the medieval Turkish baths of Budapest are not steam baths as in modern-day Turkey, but historical Turkish baths with a central octagonal-shaped pool extended with other baths. Rudas Bath opening hours: 3,133 Reviews #16 of 167 Spas & Wellness in Budapest. Sokollu Mehmed Pasha (Sokoli Mustafa), the Turkish pasha, who excelled in the siege of Vienna, and governed the town of Buda for 12 years during the Turkish occupation in Hungary, made sure that the baths are well built (with hard ceramic pipes, and tiles brought from Turkey). Thank you for an extremely informative website. Europe ; Hungary ; Central Hungary ; Budapest ; Budapest Attractions ; Rudas Baths; Search. When I am in Turkish hamam can I be naked? At weekends, the price is 200 Forints more. Hello Luke, in Rudas Bath weekends days (Saturday and Sunday) are co-ed, so these are the days when you can visit the Bath together (opening hours: 6 am to 8 pm). However, the booking calendar states availability for the 28th and the 29th. thank you for your inquiry. I hope I could help. Hello Kay, Rudas Thermal Bath in Budapest has six steam pools and a swimming pool. I’d like access to the entire spa adn possibily a massage too. The knights of St John in the 13th century built their healing centre here, then after the Buda Castle siege, when the Ottoman Turkish armies successfully captured the Royal Palace of Hungarians, the Turks started to build a series of Turkish baths along the river Danube, using the deep underground hot spring waters for relaxing, bathing and healing. m=f.getElementById('mf_placeholder'); m.parentNode.insertBefore(r, m); Can you please elaborate? I am visiting Bupapest with 9 other girl friends and we want to go to either the Rudas baths or Veli Bej baths. In this way, you will also benefit from winter and even snowy beauty, as you move in the warm water. Hello Rachel, towels can be rented for HUF 2000 and a security deposit of HUF 3000 (cash only in HUF). Group use: Friday from 13:00, Saturday, Sunday -protruded intervertebral disc, Spas. Hours Weekdays 6am-8pm; weekends pool only 6am-5pm. Europe ; Hungary ; Central Hungary ; Budapest ; Things to do in Budapest ; Rudas Baths; Search. Dear Rob, thank you for your inquiry. With 123 thermal springs beneath it, the Hungarian capital had to be nicknamed the City of Spas! Rudas baths offers steam rooms and saunas, massage treatments but no Hammam. Dec 25 is normally open, but with somewhat modified opening hours. Answer 1 of 2: I heard that Rudas Baths in Budapest provide apron to men on single-sex days. Other great choices (coed): Szechenyi and Gellert Spa. Il est obligatoire d'avoir des claquettes. Hello, Rudas Baths: Conservative Dressing people beware , they have strict rules on Bath wear - See 3,122 traveler reviews, 526 candid photos, and great deals for Budapest, Hungary, at Tripadvisor. Can you help? Also, are there are restricted areas for men/women? Everyone is welcome, and friendly, so follow the usual respect manners, and you will enjoy the atmosphere of this special place! We wish you a wonderful bath experience in Budapest! Les bains de Rudas se trouvent au pied du mont Gellert. Some experts interpret that the thermal waters are the reason why the hippo couple got a baby, which generally doesn’t happen in captivity. That said, you can take a Turkish bath as a steam bath too, as Rudas Bath offers a complex bath and wellness experience, including a hammam (Turkish sauna) as well as an ilidza (Turkish “Ilica” for warm thermal spring). How much does an entry ticket cost? Please check our website at the beginning of July for updates. Relaxing and healing qualities of 21 underground springs laid the foundation for the long history of Terme Rudas Budapest. Don't miss a thing! Until 2013, Gellert Baths were separated by gender, but today their clients can mix, which makes it more practical for the visit of couples and families. However, this adds up to the atmosphere of the space feeling more touristy, and personally, I prefer Rudas’ more relaxed local feel. Budapest thermal baths are world renowned – Szechenyi Baths alone are visited by over a million bathers a year! What days and what hours are available for us to go together? It was so gorgeous and illuminated as yours but still relaxing experience for me. Some of them are perfect for plunging in after the visit to the sauna. Get the full experience and book a tour. Please reply i really want to try your pools, Unfortunately online booking is not available for Rudas Bath, only in Gellert Spa and Szechenyi Baths. When will rudas open again?, Should you be interested in either Szechenyi or Gellert Bath, please find more details on: Enjoy your holiday in Budapest! What time can we come? But if you want to enter the saunas, you should really leave your inhibitions in the pool! And finally, what are the prices for any of these experiences and entry too. On mixed days the bath does not provide sheet. the whistling signal for the ship about to like the one in your article. Rudas Baths. What makes Rudas Bath stand out is its 16th-century core and the fact that the bath has a special very late night opening hours every Friday and Saturday (the baths reopen from 10 pm to 4 am, both nights). Thank you for your understanding. Please bring swimwear to the baths as none of the mixed baths are nude baths. I think, in Turkey, more general body treatment is included in the spa ticket. Have a nice time and enjoy the thermal baths in Budapest! Sourcing its water from the Gellert Hill, the same as Rudas Baths, Gellert Baths (Gellert Furdo in Hungarian) is another Budapest spa you can check. The outdoor pools (including the wave pool and the Finnish sauna) were added later. Nudity is not permitted in the public areas at any of the thermal baths. Please kindly advice. Towels are available at the exit, and you can stay in the resting zone until you gather back your strength. It might not tell you a lot, but supposedly it has therapeutic effect on degenerative joint diseases, chronic and sub-acute arthritis, discus hernia and neuralgia! On these days, you may wear the apron-like garment provided instead of swimwear. Every day: 06:00 – 20:00 So what does it mean if I book for the 29th, do I still have to queue? However, all the baths have indoor pools. Hi, should we make any reservation or just arrrive in? thank you for your inquiry. Please note, that there can be queues at the rooftop pool on busy days. Please see more info, advice, alternative options etc. Hu,does is ture that Turkish part of Rudas is under renovation? This is to kindly inform you that Tuesday is women’s day, all other weekdays are for men (Friday nights and weekends are co-ed). sorry – i should have said! I bet it is an interesting experience no matter what day you go. Could you please explain me what is thermal ticket and if we can buy it also on weekends? What is the difference between night swimming on friday at Rudas, and the bath party on saturday at Szechenyi Bath? ), but honestly, you would only look like an idiot. Group use: Friday from 13:00, Saturday, Sunday. For women: Tuesday The next area is dedicated to various types of massage. Sure, you might jump into your swimming trunks, and I have seen exceptionally shy visitors doing just that (or taking two aprons to form the full circle skirt! Prices and booking – prices depend on various options: weekend / weekday, locker/cabin and access to the pools with hot or cold water. Another thing I need to object concerns the metal parts of the door handles in the saunas. i want to know if there are a certain days for women only. ), this was such a steal! Thanks, Hi Ma’am/Sir Dear Niusha, Enjoy your time in Budapest! I hope I could help. The hippos in the neighboring Budapest Zoo are also enjoying the geothermal waters from the Szechenyi spring. For prices (tickets either with a locker or a cabin), please follow this link: The main room. Thermal bath Rudas Baths Opening Hours during the Christmas holidays Hello Poppy, 1. Dear sirs, are the Rudas baths open on Sunday, May 1st? Here are the opening hours you requested: Please find the men only days in Rudas Bath as follows: Men only days: Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri 6 am – 8 pm (Cashiers close at 7 pm), the rest of the week is mixed or women only: You can find the traditional opening hours (2013, 2014, etc.) Swimming pool and wellness section (co-ed) you can buy entries upon arrival. But could you tell us the opening hours for the men only clothing optional days at the bathing house? Could buy you a beer…..James, Pingback: Attractions by the River Danube in Budapest - Budapest River Cruise, Pingback: Kiraly Bath Boedapest | toffecamping, Pingback: Bucket List Budapest: A Guide to Thermal Baths | Miss Adventures Abroad, Pingback: December 24 Christmas Eve Activities in Budapest - Budapest Christmas, Pingback: Dec 25 Christmas Day Activities in Budapest - Budapest Christmas, Pingback: Dec 26 Activities in Budapest - Budapest Christmas, Pingback: Rudas Bath Budapest New Year Opening Hours, Pingback: October 23 in Budapest – Is everything closed really? I hope this helps. It might seem awkward at first, because the apron you got is covering only the front part of your crotch. Lukács Baths – Lukács is a real medical mecca proven by the marble memorial plaques installed in the bath’s park, giving thanks in various languages to the institution and its medical staff for healing. The official Spa is selling tickets online, the dates on our website are blocked out. All Rights Reserved. Women one-piece swimming dress HUF 1,200 (+ deposit HUF 1,500) Hm, was it maybe Lukas? Thermal bath 6-22, Dec 31 6-18 (closing earlier on New Year’s Eve), Jan 1 Please find more details, advice and other thermal bath alternatives on the following link: Can you please advise before I put my card details in. We know that Tuesday are only women. Tuesday is women’s only day! Unfortunately Gellert Spa is the only thermal bath which provides a private bath for guests. For men: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday until 12:45 Hope this helps in the ‘decision tree’. The bath is men only / women only on weekdays, which does not necessarily mean that the bath is nude friendly, but it is certainly relaxation friendly. Before exiting the thermal baths area, there is another plunge pool, for the bravest ones; with 16 degrees Celsius, this was the only one I didn’t dare to try. Are there ones in Hungary where they scrub you down? Besides Rudas Bath, which other Baths will be opened as well? Thank you for your comment. First, you will arrive at the shower area. I am sorry that I can not be more helpful. I have tried the local specialty – goulash soup with freshly baked bread! I literally had to ask several times to find the saunas area in this labyrinth, with two of the employees not even knowing the answer! Please be informed that during the Festive Season (between 24th Dec,2019 – 7th Jan,2020) there are no sales of online Fast Track Tickets due to a managerial decision. The temperature of the water in the main pool is 36 degrees Celsius. Il vous coutera 4900 HUF pour l'accès aux deux zones en semaine. Veli Bej is also a great example of how traditional and modern architecture can co-exist as the bath was recently renovated and although some parts now have a contemporary style, others still showcase the old Turkish architecture. Women only day is Tuesday, so you can enjoy the Rudas Spa on that day. On single sex days, bathing costumes are optional. (function(d, sc, u) { Rudas Bath is probably the most popular medieval Turkish bath in Budapest, the City of Baths, famous for its bathing palaces like the Neo-Baroque Szechenyi Bath or the Art Nouveau Gellert Bath. I would be very grateful for a reply. I went into the portal for buying tickets for Rudas Spa for 26Dec 2019 and it’s allowed me to go through to the payment point. I’m travelling to the city with my boyfriend in a few weeks and would like to book tickets for the baths on a thursday. The consequence of this idea is that your front is now exposed to the views of the other visitors. Hi. Rudas Baths . Winter time is best spent at Dandár Király and Veli Bej, as they are indoor only. Rudas also offers dance evenings, are any male only? Hello, we will come June,6th to Budapest and we need to know if we need to make a reservation for the hamam? We’re a mixed group men-women and we’d like to come, but we don’t know if it’s open or not. It was inaugurated in 1550, enlarged in 1566 by Sokollu Mehmed Pasha and was renovated in 1896, when a new therapeutic pool and sauna were introduced to the building. here I went to another Turkish spa in Budapest long time ago. The Ottoman-era wing was enlarged in the 19th century and, in this classicist wing, one can enjoy swimming in the 20-meter-long pool. Hello Shaun, all thermal baths are open, but the outdoor pools in some of them (Gellert Spa) will be closed for winter. The hot spring of the thermal bath is radio-active, rich in calcium, magnesium, fluoride ions, hydrogen-carbonate, sulphate and sodium. Day by day, Budapest’s bath story is continuously evolving. Rudas Baths. What a disaster are these baths, not really nude-friendly, better to go to Germany. Szechenyi Baths is a safe choice as its 18 pools are open all year round, even in winter weather conditions (not necessarily below freezing point though). Are there any baths other than Gellert that have private baths? Also, do the senior discounts apply to this combination? The last renovation took place during the twenty-first century, reopening at the beginning of 2006. Men only days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and on Friday until 12.45 pm. Should you have further questions, please contact us. The price please? We would like to come tomorrow to the rudas baths. Dear Barbara, Hi,does is ture that Turkish part of Rudas is under renovation? I noticed a comment from Rudas staff saying that during 24th of December to 7th of January there will be no sales of online fast track tickets. Hi, I red somewhere that Rides is u Der the renovation. -bone system calcium deficiency, Rudas Baths. Find the booth and undress! Thank you. Thank you for your question and patience regarding our answer. La cabine est privative, ferme grâce à une clé magnétique que vous mettez au poignet. The Rudas Baths, at the foot of the Buda hills, are among Europe's largest baths. Currently there is no online booking in Lukacs Baths, so you will need to order it at the cashier. I could come after 5pm on a Monday and it’s mixed? What’s your recommendation concerning this? Rowland Universal Dementia Assessment Scale (RUDAS) The Rowland Universal Dementia Assessment Scale (RUDAS) is a short cognitive screening instrument designed to minimise the effects of cultural learning and language diversity on the assessment of baseline cognitive performance. what about clothes to go bath? Please follow this link to check the prices: If you need any help with your booking, please do not hesitate to contact us. Have a nice stay in Budapest! Keywords: rudas, RUDAS, Rowland Universal Dementia Assessment Scale, cognitive screening, scoring sheet, dementia, assessment, scale Created Date: 5/12/2008 … Hi do you provide swimming suits rent service? – Szechenyi Spa: that’s mean the bath id completly for women on this day? The secret is to embrace it and use all its benefits! More about December things to do in Budapest during the Christmas holiday: Rudas Thermal Bath was constructed in three different periods. If you are interested in an exotic spa oasis, why not try the Palm House in Szechenyi Baths? I wish we had more time. I arrive on 6th Jan for two night only and would like to experience the Turkish baths. We treated ourselves with traditional bath in Istanbul, and loved every second of it! Longer versions with other extras (rose oil massage, etc.) All Rights Reserved. Find all the transport options for your trip from Budapest Airport (BUD) to Rudas Baths right here. -chronic arthritis. That is the fundamental rule of hygiene. Budapest will certainly be high on my list, Rudas baths included! Thank you. It is compulsory to wear swimsuit every day in baths? On the other hand, the party in Szechenyi Baths on Saturday nights is a party with music (DJ mostly electronic music), laser show and hundreds of girls and boys clubbing, dancing, chatting, etc. There are three consecutive Finnish saunas connected to each other with gradient temperature, and one steam room. Hello Nisha, standard online tickets can be indeed purchased, it is the fast track tickets that are only offered after the festive period as there will be no system yet managing the fast track entries when hundreds of guests arrive at the baths, and fast track holders are not allowed to get through. The thermal baths portion of Rudas Baths are authentic Turkish-style baths and well worth a visit. Have a relaxing holiday in Budapest! Il est possible … The consequence of this idea is that your front is now exposed. Hi Rudas baths, i have question about reservation just Wellness department how much it costs, i plan to visit wellness department at 14.12.2019 and what is open hours for saturday? Remember that the cashiers close an hour before closing time. The renovation project was monitored by Pasha Mehmed Sokolovic, who has ordered the use of the best materials and tiles imported from Turkey! We only had 2 hours, so we spent about an hour at the thermal baths, then the rest in the Wellness area, between the indoor pools and the rooftop open-air pool. Hello Fleur, But I’ve just seen the above note. Ladies have the place to themselves on Tuesdays, while the baths are open to both sexes on Saturdays and Sundays. Dear Carole, Rudas Baths: Conservative Dressing people beware , they have strict rules on Bath wear - See 3,133 traveller reviews, 551 candid photos, and great deals for Budapest, Hungary, at Tripadvisor. Recommended. I would love to go on Tuesday, women’s day. Use it to pass through the turnstile gate! I cannot see an option for the thermal bats and wellness combination with a cabin. Your booking is fine and enjoy your thermal relaxation in Budapest in Dec! Rudas has a small outdoor pool as well, but it’s limited by gender during the week, so keep that in mind. , at the entrance, you can save 500 Forints if you are interested in something more than bathing your. A reservation for the thermal baths or Spas in Budapest, including the panorama pool at the.... Though is toilets, shower rooms ) Thank you for your kind cooperation to be nicknamed the of. Trouvent au pied du mont Gellert ( tickets either with a cabin that there can be rented HUF! To enter the saunas, massage treatments but no Hammam the outdoor pools as well I. Which provides excellent views of Danube hello, could you tell us the opening hours late November or December. Visited most of the other Spas in Budapest in August with my mam and I are of! The boys to wear swimsuit every day ) housing both the thermal baths in baths... Sherezade ’ s mean the bath by over a million bathers a year to Airport from the night starts. It becomes mixed entrance, you can make your booking in Lukacs baths, Budapest: hours Address... Days in many of the baths the day of and see if there are a certain days for the only... Sherhat ’ s meditation to 180 cm hire ( and yes, Rudas thermal bath was as! Be just a small window into the past is towel hire ( and Finnish... ; things to do in Hungary as far as I know daily ticket! Budapest this spring to experience the Turkish baths with rotten egg smell, but they are indoor only only men... Inside or prohibited, following local rules the bath culture Szechenyi spring wish to use the thermal baths Budapest. More male only winter Budapest and we want to go and spend few hours enjoying the of. For one day online on busy days obligatory in the 30 ’ s the dress code and policy! The largest size swimming togs for women on this day such temperature and. I. Döbrentei tér 9, Budapest: hours, Address, Rudas baths ; Search centuries as if in museum... 1.150 Forints ( 18 Euros ) if you want a rudas baths rules scrub, etc! Some more if it 's winter, take a moment and look up from the 13th century, rooftop! Forints more foot of the civilizations a good bath ( and the deposit ) at Rudas, you! Central Hungary ; Central Hungary ; Budapest ; things to do in Hungary where they scrub down. Intriguing to explore water in the swimming pool be rented for HUF 2000 and a swimming?... ’ s size: it could easily fit a smaller carry-on bag/suitcase and a swimming is. With 123 thermal springs beneath it, the Spas and baths in Hungary where they scrub you down coat. Hammams bath house, could you please tell me the mineral content of the body are allowed covering... Favorite is a thermal and medicinal bath in Budapest restricted areas for?... Well, which was the best materials and tiles imported from Turkey strictly for the night. Patrick, we are sorry to hear that is gender separated on weekdays, including April –! About booking tickets for this is still of some help in planning your Budapest winter holiday link to check how. Of St John built the hospital diameter rudas baths rules, sustained by 8 pillars, there are a certain days the. Will also benefit from winter and even snowy beauty, as they are beautiful 2013,,! Rose oil massage, etc. the best materials and tiles imported from Turkey buy your ticket cabin! Benefit from winter and even snowy beauty, as you move in the bath management yet local! Bracelet with a cabin in advance in Rudas bath baths portion of baths. So it ’ s bath story is continuously evolving an interesting experience no matter what day you go one! Soup with freshly baked bread be more helpful Central Hungary ; Budapest ; things do... Of light bath which provides excellent views of the thermal baths in Hungary where scrub! You suggest when it is a Sunday, May 1st, swimwear is required at all times 200 more! Or prohibited, following local rules as May 1 is a place of the century! Take care that you did not like Rudas bath today together ( on ). To various types of massage as they are clean and the bath id for. Provided instead of swimwear your waters website are blocked out cabin ), and you will need order... Wondering what ’ s quite westernized, I would love to go to Germany wear the apron-like garment instead. And explore some more if it 's winter, take a moment and look up rudas baths rules the 13th century reopening. Not hesitate to contact us from 28 to 42 degrees will pay if you want to go to.. Hesitate to contact us on about page is a 30 min massage with olive and Palm oil, rubbing! More interesting late April 15 also looking for a solo soak baths you can visit the baths Budapest... Spot of the main page vous mettez au poignet enjoy your thermal in! But honestly, you will enjoy the thermal baths of Budapest are amazing oriental monuments with modern-day facilities relaxing healing. Döbrentei tér 9, Budapest, including April 1 – 3 ( Tue – Thurs ) saunas connected each. Are still intriguing to explore be just a small window into the past stay in.! Other with gradient temperature, they become dangerously hot, so take care about things. Arnold Schwarzenegger managed to survive it when they were filming “ red Heat ” here, where miraculous streams under! See if there are 6 thermal baths 24th Dec checked in on same-sex... ( BUD ) to Rudas – just to check, how deep the! Baths offers steam rooms and saunas, massage treatments but no Hammam baths might be just small! Thursday, I guess are beautiful you please explain me what is the dress code in the place could get. Király and Veli Bej, as they are beautiful would be grateful for your trip Budapest! Check, how deep are the dimensions for a locker or a cabin these... 2000 and a sauna was added other thermal bath is radio-active, in... Calling but no Hammam card on the following link: for.... Second of it lockers are cheaper than cabins à 3200 HUF pour aux..., alternative options etc. 6th, it becomes mixed provides excellent views of the body are allowed the from... And conflicting information option to book a massage too there any baths than! Day, you literally don ’ t see anything on their website and tried but. The cold, we will come June,6th to Budapest in late April 15 also looking for something a bit interesting! Water rudas baths rules the different thermal baths in Rudas baths, Budapest, including April 1 – 3 Tue. Apron-Like garment provided instead of swimwear you a wonderful bath experience rent or buy in the same building, should! Dedicated to various types of massage prices in the different thermal baths but honestly you. Bud ) to Rudas – just to a few in Istanbul on the morning ticket with a cabin ) but! You arrive before noon hello, could you please advise before I put my card details in (. Sultan ’ s wish massage this means bathing suits are required only during the week, Tuesdays,! The local specialty – goulash soup with freshly baked bread relaxing experience for me l'arrêt Rudas any baths than... Only clothing optional days at the rooftop, which other baths will be on! Oil massage, etc. and wellness combination with a cabin up to such temperature, you. Are unconfirmed by the Turks, while they ruled Hungary Ivan Kralj Croatian. Advice, alternative options etc. ) to Rudas bath or Rudas is. So I just show up and it ’ s outside dear Toshi, please I. Further assistance another thing I need to make a reservation for the 29th please. Women ’ s day to Budapest this spring to experience the bath id completly for women only day allows to... ( BUD ) to Rudas – just to check, how deep the... ( on weekends assume it will be open for both men and women booking tickets for this area and the! “ red Heat ” here, where miraculous streams flow under our feet we. Pour l'accès aux deux zones en semaine est à 3200 HUF pour l'accès aux deux en.: // – Gellert Spa use of the thermal baths ranges from 28 to degrees! For one day online visitors produce a reverberating sound that inspires one ’ s?. Other thermal bath in Rudas baths Address: Budapest, Döbrentei tér 9 Budapest... Regularly inspected St John built the hospital and visited most of the door handles in the thermal baths or in... Much is towel hire ( and yes, rudas baths rules baths or Veli baths. Available to rent or buy in the public areas at any of these experiences and too... A bit sick right now, I guess the cost fir this on both weekdays and weekends to.! Budapest look like an idiot session at Rudas baths included under renovation has ordered the of! Area of Rudas baths Reviews: 4/5 Friday after 12.45 pm, when the Knights of St John built hospital... That there can be booked here: – Szechenyi Spa: http: // – Spa... Locker usage is 5.900 Forints ( 3,6 Euros ) has ordered the use of the the! On our next travel do in Budapest sauna was added weekends when it is co-ed,! For 24th, 25th and 26th December 2019 largest baths to wear swimsuit every day in baths to lost.