Whoever,-(a) Makes or manufactures, or causes to be made or manufactured (except where he permitted under the Standards Act so to do), any weight or measure in accordance with any standards other than the standards established by or under the Standards Act, o is [9] Substituted for the original section 19, by the Punjab Weights and Measures (International System) Enforcement (Amendment) Act 2013 (XXIX of 2013), which reads a under:- “ 19. Standards Of Weights and Measures Ordinance, 1982 (XII of 1982) ... ১। সংি { Ö িশেরানাম ।-এই আইন The Standards of Weights and Measures (Amendment) Act, 2001 নােম অিভিহত হইেব। ... years, or with fine which may extend to fifteen thousand taka, or with both, and, The Weights and Measures Act 1985 stipulates that a pint of beer should be exactly that. THE WEIGHTS AND MEASURES ACT. 3. Certain units of measure. Shall be punished with fine, which may extend to five thousand rupees. Act, 1974 (29 of 1974), s.3, for cl.18. WHAT IF A PERSON MANUFACTURES WEIGHTS & MEASURES WITHOUT GETTING THIS LICENSE? 1 Subs. by the Weights and Measures (International Systems) (Amdt.) Section 36. by the Weights and Measures (Metric System) (Amdt.) of non-standard weights or measures. ... compounded sum shoul.d not exceed the maximum amount of fine prescribed (2) The person has not committed any such offenceduring the last 3(three) years (3) this is the first offence. “Controller” means the Controller of Weights and Measures appointed under section 29 and includes any officer duly authorised by the Controller to act on his behalf; “desiccating goods” means any goods made up in a package that lose weight or volume solely through evaporation when the package is made up; 31. Aiding. No weights and measures inspector shall receive or accept custody of a payment. If the person declines to accept the voluntary assessment, the weights and measures inspector shall follow the procedures outlined in § 5134 of this title. Penalty for manufacturing, etc. Rule 21 (2) of Meghalaya Legal Metrology (Enforcement) Rules, 2011. 41. 2 Ins. 32. As a purchaser of goods that are sold by quantity (weight, measure or number), you have rights under the Weights and Measures Act and Regulations. Your rights when buying goods by weight or measure. The Standards of Weights & Measures(Enforcement) Act of 1985: ... chapter-xi- Offences and penalty and chapter-xii- deals with Miscllaneous items. (i) Payment of fine as complete satisfaction; repeat offenders. On this page - anchor navigation. Rule 23: Shall be punished with fine, which may extend to five thousand rupees. Ordinance, 1978 (16 of 1978), s.2. (26) working standard means the sets of weights and measures prepared under Section 12. Commencement ... principal or employer is guilty of that offence and is liable to the penalties provided by this Act. __ (1) The unit of electric current shall be an ampere. The penal provisions for violation of Standards of Weights & Measures Act 1976 and other Act have been laid down in Standards of Weights & Measures (Enforcement) Act 1985. Weights & Measures Department takes 30 days for the issue and renewal of this license. However, the brewing and pub industry has consistently argued the … Non using of weights and measures in clean condition or without proper lighting arrangement.