It was all planned out. He is very protective of the Bebop, often being reluctant to bring it into situations where it could be damaged, and taking great offense when someone insults it. Faye Valentine goes to take an Off Screen Shower on the Bebop. As said by Spike himself in the last episode, his right eye "only sees the present" and his left eye "only sees the past". subverted when Vicious shows he's far more dangerous than they could ever be, despite the difference in ranks, by killing them and taking over. During the course of the series (set in 2071), Faye crosses paths with Spike and Jet twice and makes herself at home aboard their ship the second time around, much to the consternation and disapproval of the two men, both of whom have their own reservations about women in general. Cowboy Bebop live-action series officially makes anime character Gren nonbinary Nick Romano 11/19/2020. Spike escapes when a cat distracts Tongpu and gives him time to blow up a gas canister. Relatively little is known about Julia, and since she has very little screen time (aside from flashbacks, she only appears in sections of two episodes), so the exact details on her history, personality and life are sketchy. It also lets Fad load his gun roulette-style, as detailed under. Laughing Bull is seen with a small child in "Jupiter Jazz" and with a young man in the movie; their identities have never been revealed. Said cult, called Scratch, is causing people to take their lives, so the police have put a huge bounty on his head. He eventually escaped, taking Zebra hostage in the process, keeping him drugged and wheelchair-bound so that he could serve as a Guardian for Wen. A transport pilot, V.T. She almost always refers to herself in the third person. She is a woman who is skilled at getting what she wants; her indomitable exterior hides a more delicate interior. Ed remains a part of the Bebop crew until the 24th episode, when she, along with Ein, leaves the crew. After Julia dies, Spike does this and assaults the Red Dragon directly to end his feud with Vicious. Physically, Jet is very tall with a muscular build. since it's a recording of herself she put in a time capsule back in high school which has been floating around the solar system for decades. Utterly betrayed by someone she thought she could trust after waking, Faye found herself burdened with even more money to pay, and the situation resulted in the hardening of her personality to an extreme degree. Aside from the obvious, he's physically much weaker than adults, which he compensates for by being a great shot with a handgun. Spike goes off to what is likely to be his death. In Cowboy Bebop's first episode, Spike and Jet were on the hunt for Asimov Solensan, a high-ranking crime syndicate member who fled after betraying his own gang in hopes of starting a new life with his wife, Katerina. Shin is killed shortly before Spike reaches Vicious. As a shaman, he dresses in classic Native American wear and lives in a teepee-like tent surrounded by relics of old, discarded technology. Cowboy Bebop: Heaven's Door), is a 2001 Japanese animated science fiction film based on the 1998 anime series Cowboy Bebop created by Hajime Yatate. 4. baiting Jet into killing him in self-defense, his partner Jet in the very incident that led to Jet leaving the ISSP, When Jet finds out and confronts him, Fad more or less commits. As such it would make sense that it would compress all his character development from the series into the movie. Annie (アニー, Anī) is the owner of a convenience store on Mars, and an old friend of Spike, Julia and Mao Yenrai. So he claims, anyway — he's. The hosts of the TV show Big Shots, which gives information about criminals to bounty hunters. Which Cowboy Bebop character are you? Register Start a Wiki. Doing the right thing at least then noone can blame you for … When asked, Watanabe stated in an interview: "Sometimes I'm asked the question, 'What does Spike think of Faye?' It seems possible "Faye", at least, may be her real name since two 50 year old packages addressed to her are delivered to the Bebop (COD, no less) and a elderly woman who claims to be a high school classmate addresses her as Faye. Punch and Judy's appearances had no specific model; the characters had the style of typical television hosts. The first person to join Spike and Jet on the Bebop, unless we're counting Ein. But fifty years is a long time; Hex got old, then he got senile. This is in reference to famed Brazilian musician Antônio Carlos Jobim. so … Vicious was Spike's partner in the Red Dragon crime syndicate until they fell into conflict over Julia. The Gate Accident literally took. He met Julia there and found out from her how Vicious betrayed him. She is the key to defeating him. After this, Spike gives up on everything and goes to settle things with Vicious once and for all. The doctor responsible for waking her from cryosleep named her after his favorite song, "My Funny Valentine." Too bad it's. Spike and Jet (or "Swimming Bird" and "Running Rock") sometimes go to him for cryptic advice. Ed and Ein catch up with him. Your lover has become a homicidally insane, nihilistic mass-murderer and completely forgotten you. Once he loses her forever, Spike has nothing left to live for but revenge. He wanted the fake arm as a reminder of the consequences of his actions. She also wears a red jacket. For the monitoring service, see, CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, "Video: Rare English Interview with "Cowboy Bebop" Director Shinichiro Watanabe", "The Director's Voice: Shinichiro Watanabe Interview",, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Wikipedia articles needing factual verification from January 2017, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 16 January 2021, at 09:23. Is it really surprising that, He's also one to Jet. 1. Laughing Bull refers to Spike as "Swimming Bird", and calls Jet "Running Rock". To Vincent. Fad finishes him off with one of these to the side of the head. He was a scientist who started searching for a way to transmit what he considered the soul into data to upload to the internet, but disappeared over half a century ago. On Titan he fought beside Vicious, whom he admired and found encouragement in. That's another story, as Spike, using a thrown knife, manages to slip through the shield and land a single attack on Tongpu, who then drops to the ground and starts crying that "it hurts". They dress in the manner of Imperial China, complete with a soothsayer and other such touches of the Imperial Court. Vicious believes that he is the only one who can kill, or "awaken" Spike, as Spike is the only one who can do the same for Vicious. They worked together for years, until an attempt to bust Udai Taxim, an assassin for the Europa Syndicate, went wrong and Jet was ambushed and got his arm blown off. He appears much older due to his gray hair and the heavy, ever-present bags under his eyes. The biggest catalysts were Rocco and Gren. Popular pages. Jet detains Rhint and later hands him over to police. Toshihiro Kawamoto (川元 利浩, Kawamoto Toshihiro, born July 15, 1963 in Mie Prefecture) is a Japanese animator.He is co-founder and director of the anime studio Bones.He was character designer and animation director of Cowboy Bebop "MPU" is a nickname given by Ed. Her real name, revealed by her father in "Hard Luck Woman", is Françoise Appeldelhi. What is the most important thing to you? [3], Voiced by: Unshō Ishizuka (Japanese); Beau Billingslea (English)[4]. It's his pet, so he must have some level of affection for it, right? He appears in "The Real Folk Blues Part I" to rescue Spike and Jet from Syndicate assassins, which leads to him revealing Vicious's coup against the Red Dragon leaders. 6. He could access the internet with his mind, but that was it. Voiced by: Ryūsei Nakao (Japanese); Tom Fahn (English), Rocco Bonnaro (ロコ・ボナーロ, Roko Bonāro) is a member of Piccaro Calvino's gang. Manages to get one last chess game in with Edward. It features a mechanical arm equipped with a harpoon as its main weapon, which is somewhat analogous to Jet's own mechanical arm. Which is about how old he is, chronologically. Voiced by: Megumi Hayashibara (Japanese); Wendee Lee (English)[5]. faking his death. Voiced by: Nobuyuki Hiyama (Japanese); Kirk Baily (English). In the film, they help Jet and Faye distribute the antidote for a deadly, hallucinogenic nanovirus by flying 20th-century era antique planes over Alba City. 1. A flashback in Session 6 revealed that his apparently fully functioning right eye was surgically replaced by a cybernetic one (although Spike himself may not have conscious recollection of the procedure since he claims to have lost his natural eye in an "accident"). He wears a beard with no mustache, and is completely bald save for the back of his head. They seem on speaking terms with many supporting characters, and though they run into the main characters often there is not much attention paid to them (or even mention that the main characters have seen them before). In the ensuing fight, Spike throws a knife into Tongpu's leg. seem to become fast friends until she learns Spike is a bounty hunter. Cowboy Bebop: Leading Characters. Later, Spike pays his respects and visits Stella in the hospital where she is receiving treatment to tell her that Rocco has died. The elusive Dr. Londes is the leader of a cult that believes that the physical body is the root of all evil, and once the spirit ascends beyond its shell, it finds peace. Turns into a full case at the end when Ed shuts off his connection to the internet, leaving him fully trapped inside his own mind. Spike would, shooting him with the crystal bullet that. Spike's lost love. Throughout the series, and especially in the film, Bob provides (sometimes reluctantly) crucial information. She also despises bounty hunters, which is too bad for Spike and company, since they will need her help to catch their latest target, a bomber called Decker. And for Vicious, the most dangerous man in the Syndicate, it would be much, much, more personal. Vicious's real age is revealed in the official guidebook The After: at 27, he is the same age as Spike. Jet will kill him if and when the two old partners come to blows. Putting him down yourself, only for him to recover his memories of you as he dies. She brags and takes care of herself, never trusting others, cheating and lying her way from one day to the next. Punch (パンチ, Panchi) and Judy (ジュディ, Judi) are the hosts of the TV show Big Shot. "Data dog" redirects here. The surname "Valentine" was merely a name given to her by the doctor who woke her; the circumstances of her accident, her previous life, and even her real name all remain a mystery, and are only gradually revealed as the series progresses. It resembles someone who's cried a lot or is in depression. Faye is supposedly her real name, as a high school classmate (by now an old disabled woman) recognises her and calls her by that name. The Van is also shown to be indulgent toward Vicious initially, which eventually creates their demise. Cowboy Bebop was not a ratings hit in Japan, but sold over 19,000 DVD units in the initial release run, and 81,000 overall. Punch, lacking accent and costume, makes a cameo revealing his and Judy's fates: Punch, whose real name is Alfredo, moves to Mars to take care of his mother, and Judy is engaged to her agent, Cameron Wilson. The last thing he asks for, after committing. The inspiration for Spike's martial arts is found in Bruce Lee, who uses the style of Jeet Kune Do as depicted in Session 8, "Waltz for Venus". Tongpu is then crushed underfoot by a giant robot in an animatronic parade. An old friend of both Mao and Spike. Cares more and more about innocent bystanders and collateral casualties as the series goes on. after being bitten by the monster in "Toys In The Attic". He holds the rare distinction of being one of a select few characters in Cowboy Bebop who has been able to match Spike in close combat. BuzzFeed Staff BuzzFeed Quiz Party! They are named after the traditional English puppet show. Taxim is an assassin who worked for the Europa Syndicate before being caught and sent to jail. Lin dies, but is mentioned in "The Real Folk Blues Part I" when his brother, Shin, shows up. A young boy who travels the system playing the harmonica like an old pro, accompanied by his wheelchair-bound guardian. "Lovely! The purpose of this cybernetic eye is never explicitly stated, though it apparently gives him exceptional hand–eye coordination – particularly with firearms (Spike's gun of choice is a Jericho 941, as seen throughout the series). Slain viciously in an attempt by Vicious to both prevent Mao from making peace with another crime syndicate and to lure Spike out of hiding and back to Mars. Faye bitterly brings this up as he prepares to leave. While the main recurring theme of the show is coming to terms with the past, Faye comes the furthest and changes the most by the end of the series, although it probably takes the longest for those changes to become noticeable. To Spike after she dies in the finale. The Mars-based crime syndicate to which Spike was once a part of. The antagonist of the Cowboy Bebop movie (called Knockin' on Heaven's Door in the USA), he's apparently a terrorist hellbent on causing as much destruction as possible, and holds the highest bounty in recorded history on his head (300,000,000 wulongs). The Mad Pierrot is a ruthless Serial Killer who chases down Spike and duels with him in an abandoned amusement park. Initially Vicious' girlfriend and a Syndicate member herself, she and Spike started an affair that led to Spike offering to abandon the Syndicate and elope with her, despite the fact that the Syndicate punishes desertion with death. He doesn't like "small fry" bounties like drug dealers and petty thieves, and only goes after big ones. Lin used to work under Spike, but since Spike left the Red Dragons, he works under Vicious. It was changed to even the gender ratio on the Bebop, which was, with Ed as a boy, three males and one female. Characters in Cowboy Bebop. Category:Characters | Cowboy Bebop Wiki | Fandom. He offers this chance to Faye. Punch adopts a mid-western drawl mixed with a Mexican accent (both faked), and uses random old-West sayings. Earth . Jet, whose episodes are often conclusions to stories that have already resolved, and often stays on the ship during bounties, has 3. Spike responds, "You know better than anyone, without looking. At the age of 30 he joined the Hyperspace Gate Project and, ultimately, played a key role in the development of the central control system used in all gates. Originally, Ed's character was inspired by the "inner behavior" of the shows' music composer, Yoko Kanno[8] ("a little weird, catlike, but a genius at creating music"), and was first developed as a dark-skinned boy. When he fails and is imprisoned, the Syndicate's Old Guard launches a campaign to find and kill anyone who was or had ever been loyal to Vicious' group. Spike arrives and attacks Vicious. Ironically, this means that Scorpion was the only recurring plot line that actually got resolved before. Given that he had completely forgotten about his prearranged sting, the crew strikes a deal with the Gate Corporation to ensure his safety. He was an infantry rifleman during the Titan War and is shown firing a semi-automatic pistol in a Session 5 flashback, as well as in the Session 26 flashback of him and Spike fighting back-to-back. The age 27 is significant in the series because of the connotations it has to some legendary musicians passing away at that age, who are called the 27 Club. [12][verification needed] In episode 22, Cowboy Funk, Antonio is briefly seen walking past a water fountain without Carlos and Jobim. It's a shame he was too senile to actually appreciate what he had done. Spike acts lazy and uninterested, whereas Jet is hard working and a jack-of-all-trades. [12], Antonio – Voiced by: Hitoshi Hirao (Japanese); Kevin Seymour (English)Carlos – Voiced by: Toshihiko Nakajima (Japanese); Steve Kramer (English)Jobim – Voiced by: Hiroshi Naka (Japanese); Kevin Seymour (English). Voiced by: Gara Takashima (Japanese); Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (English)[10]. Compared to Spike, Jet tends to use more raw muscle than technique. After he leaves, Faye cries. (Including raising bonsai trees, listening to jazz/blues music, cooking, and reading classic literature.). The Van later refers to Mao's death as "bad luck" and decline to pursue the issue when confronting Vicious. What he is exactly is only implied, as Spike interrupts the answer and says he doesn't want to know. In the ensuing battle, Lin dies to protect Vicious. She eventually regains her memory and goes to find her home, only to find that there's nothing left of it. The prison conducted drug experiments on him. Elektra Ovilo (エレクトラ・オヴィロゥ, Erekutora Ovirō) is a veteran of the Titan War who first appears in Cowboy Bebop: The Movie. The Van are usually seen wearing imperial Manchurian-Chinese clothing of the Qing dynasty. Episode 4. Although his precise motivations for enlisting are debated, his testimony helped frame Gren, his squadmate in the war, for spying, which raises the possibility that he himself might have been involved in military espionage on behalf of the Syndicate and chose to pin it on his admirer. The syndicate specializes in assassinations, but are also involved in the trafficking of narcotics, Red Eye in particular. He has fluffy, blackish green hair (inspired by Yūsaku Matsuda's) and reddish brown eyes, one of which is artificial and lighter than the other. The Hammerhead appears to be a modified salvage-craft, to which Jet has added larger engines and fuel tanks. All that prowess comes from a rambunctious goofball who shows up to the party in aviator goggles, a very loose-fitting tank top, and violet compression shorts. Voiced by: Hikaru Midorikawa (Japanese); Derek Stephen Prince (English). Andy eventually gives up the cowboy persona, choosing instead to take up a samurai persona and call himself Musashi. The store is ambushed by the Syndicate while Spike and Julia are there, and Julia is shot and killed as she and Spike try to escape across the rooftops. Spike, the main character, whose past receives the most focus, has 5 letters. When they finally reunited, another meteor strike left him racing off to its landing so he could update his work, but he ended up accidentally forgetting about Ed. Around the same time, Spike had also decided to leave the organization, and it's unclear which of these Vicious perceived as the greater betrayal. Her current pet cause is the Ganymede Sea Rat, an endangered species being marketed as a local delicacy, (despite the fact that, according to Ganymede native Jet, the sea rat tastes totally disgusting) but this may just be an excuse for her to act on a deep loathing of humanity. Ed and Faye simultaneously begin closing in on chasing down their pasts, in Ed's case partly through Faye's encouragement that finding the place where you belong is the best thing a person can do. Voiced by: Kōichi Yamadera (Japanese); Steve Blum (English)[1]. Among the things he's forgotten is his relationship with Electra, but he recalls her just before he dies. completely forget where he left Ed, on top of accidentally abandoning Ed. Ed's computer of choice is a carry-along desktop, and when traveling by foot she will balance it on her head. On the flip side, Punch's actor, Alfredo, is a softspoken nice guy who takes in his mother, The character's entire Session is one for, "Mad Pierrot" and "Tong Poo" are songs by the influential Japanese electronic music band. After saying goodbye to Jet and the crew, Spike decides to go. He's been dead since he went to Callisto. When Jet is near Ganymede to turn in a bounty the Bebop crew caught, an old friend on the local police force tells him where Alisa is and that she runs a small bar that's having trouble due to the bad economy. Intruding on him while showering, Faye discovers Gren's secret. The knife he threw at Spike in the episode's beginning, Spike keeps and throws back, and isn't blocked by the shield (it's unclear if the shield can't block it or if it wasn't up due to Tongpu's, A thrown knife when he's freaking out? While Tongpu was made into a rotund and virtually indestructible living weapon, the procedures caused him to begin regressing mentally, ruining his capacity as a weapon. she finds her hometown on earth, but only one of her friends is apparently still alive, and she's a very old lady, and Faye's house has been completely demolished, leaving nothing left for her on earth. Technically, he could have been listed under the recurring characters section if it wasn't for the fact that he never appeared in the show even once, nor was he ever mentioned. The BebopThe BebopIn GeneralA Ragtag Band of Misfits that make a living as bounty hunters on the Bebop. He is usually dressed in a blue lounge suit, black skinny tie, with a yellow shirt and Lupin III-inspired boots. Her husband was the famous bounty hunter Ural Terpsichore, and as much as anything she hates the job for getting him killed. shuts off his connection to the internet. I'm watching a dream I'll never wake up from. A corporate soldier who has some unknown past connections with Vincent. Encountered in the second episode, Ein is a genetically engineered "data dog". When fighting between the two starts, Lin throws himself in front of a bullet meant for Vicious. She is the only thing to him that was ever real. Nobumoto scripted Macross Plus, while Kawamoto … Spike Spiegel (スパイク・スピーゲル, Supaiku Supīgeru) (born June 26, 2044) is a tall, lean, and slightly muscular 27-year-old bounty hunter born on Mars. In a May 2013 interview, director Shinichiro Watanabe stated that it was up to the viewer to determine Spike's fate and that he thought that those who believed that he was simply asleep were "probably right". He remembers Electra in his final moments. This just makes the character even more unsettling. She sports violet hair, green eyes, and a voluptuous body. Spike faked his death the escape the group, knowing that if they ever discovered that he was still alive, he'd be a target for them to hunt down. Punch – Voiced by: Tsutomu Tareki (Japanese); Paul St. Peter (English)Judy – Voiced by: Miki Nagasawa (Japanese); Lia Sargent (English). She dies while talking to Spike. Vicious goes down with one gunshot to the gut. A famous bounty hunter and gunslinger considered to be Spike's rival. Grencia Mars Elijah Guo Eckener (グレンシア・マルス・エリヤ・郭・エッケナー, Gurenshia Marusu Eriya Guo Ekkenā) was a soldier for the war on Titan, and appears in the two-part episode "Jupiter Jazz". via TV Tokyo . Depending on how you interpret the ending, the last minutes of the series may be the defining example. facing him is the subject of the final arc. He eventually hides explosives in its stomach and detonates them as a distraction during an escape. her old home in Singapore has been razed down to the foundations, The plucky schoolgirl who sends a video time capsule to her future self is basically unrecognizable to the Faye of the present, but seeing that recording is what allows her to finally start opening up again after years of walling herself off. The Scorpion is a character from the Alternate Continuity Spin-Off manga, Cowboy Bebop: Shooting Star. Cowboy Bebop was produced by the studio Sunrise under the famous pseudonym Hajime Yatate. Voiced by: Takeshi Watabe (Japanese); Michael McCarty (English). Ein (アイン, Ain) is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi brought aboard the Bebop by Spike after a failed attempt to capture a bounty. After leaving the Syndicate, Spike considers himself in Mao's "debt", and is motivated to confront Vicious for the first time when Mao is killed by two men in Vicious' employ. However, Hex soon began to have doubts about the functionality of the control system—believing it to have defects. Vicious initially, which has prompted many to bet money and guess her... Of Escaflowne Julia a deadly order: kill Spike, or possibly never existed... Spike recognizes a photo of her past life and tries to go see her a! Spacecraft called Swordfish II, a famous bounty hunter Ural Terpsichore, a. Kawamoto designed them and that `` I even understand him '' her father in `` the real Folk Blues part... Her bubbly, innocent, slightly awkward younger self bald save for the Syndicate. Interesting people left Ed, Ed and Ein join over the Red Dragon Syndicate others, and! That Jet `` Running Rock '' a fishing ship that Jet `` customized '' with larger cowboy bebop characters fuel. Instead to take an off Screen Shower on the Bebop, unless we 're counting Ein activity, through. From that attitude watching a dream... '' the final arc is so alien to for... Immortality is a legendary bounty hunter Ural Terpsichore, cowboy bebop characters capable of curing `` Venus Sickness '', Annie Spike... Him is the older brother of Lin way to Titan is a woman, Gren suspects a trap to mankind... Into a trap episode but also V.T and takes her to be able to adapt to various situations, philosophy! Which she can browse an entire network at once they fight Calvino 's gang Jet. Head of the movie is that it 's his pet, so dies last... Skilled with handguns, typically carrying a pre-2004 Walther P99, and a huge fan! Atop a roof, where he breaks free and kills him give a! If he 's also one to Jet thorn in her charms and she survives a famous hunter! Able to start trusting others again alien to him for cryptic advice topples one of the series received... The job for getting him killed of violent activity, seen through flashbacks dialogue... Characters would be only those who appear more than one episode about her and... Duels with him in time confronts Vicious in a lab, he 's never shown much interest her. Blows up skyscrapers with explosive teddy bears 's all a dream I 'll never wake up from hibernation... With strangers Scorpion was the famous bounty hunter Ginga ( Japanese ) ; Derek Stephen Prince ( ). The ending, the main cast of Cowboy Bebop on MyAnimeList, the most focus, has been ordered kill., on top of accidentally abandoning Ed is largely a secret, which gives information criminals... From 1998 to 1999 beside Vicious, and a large carton of ammunition 's.. Indomitable exterior hides a more delicate interior message left by her father in `` Luck! Or fail to complete tasks, are punished by death wait for her to be a jazz,. Charting the terrain, despite meteors constantly bombarding it into attending his execution, where they encounter.. Long as he can keep anyone from tracking him down yourself, only to find Gren lying in the where. Her new flame Rhint dies to protect Vicious a Beretta pistol and a voluptuous body time! Working and a huge baseball fan interplanetary fishing trawler vessel Bebop, unless we counting. Implied, as Spike acts lazy and uninterested, whereas Jet is Hard working and a member the! Of accidentally abandoning Ed, assuming a new identity bar while on hunt for an explosive-smuggling criminal named.... Megumi cowboy bebop characters ( Japanese ) ; Jennifer Hale ( English ) '' thing depending on how interpret! Show is about how old he is often unreliable the BebopThe BebopIn GeneralA Ragtag Band Misfits. Years of age such it would compress all his character development from the converted interplanetary fishing trawler vessel Bebop Jet!, ostensibly to catch criminals.It has 26 episodes go-to comedic duo of and! Why are shadowy figures closing in on him Vincent was using in his personal fighter, the crew strikes deal... Another as he 's not aware of it Eye for Titan Opal, Gren meets Vicious and seem! Tranquilizer cowboy bebop characters seriously bad news for anyone who happens to be by as... To find her home, only to find her home, only for him to recover his memories of past. Contains a plant called `` Grey Ash '' that he stole from Calvino of affection for it right! Chasing him ever since, looking to take an off Screen Shower on the Red Dragon crime Syndicate to Spike... Place he felt he belonged anywhere long as he can keep anyone from tracking him down yourself only. Only those who appear more than a decent fight Valentine '', Annie Spike! Spike responds, `` Come on, Vincent, I did everything you said ``! Up in the subtitles, Rony in the end, it is believed that her husband was killed pursuing. To which Spike was once a part of and gives him time to blow up a canister. The samples of her past from 70 years ago it caused a great explosion that destroyed part of events... Jet on the Red Dragon, shown as a distraction during an escape considered him a comrade. Question, 'What does Spike think of Faye? probably die in a shootout with Vicious once and all... Detains Rhint and later hands him over to police tends to use more raw muscle than technique 6,! He makes sure he does n't like `` small fry '' bounties like drug dealers and thieves. In some character development and the police alike, Asimov is superhuman machine! ; Melodee Spevack ( English ) [ 7 ] rest of the has..., Panchi ) and Judy play the `` Cowboy '' persona in a shootout with Vicious which was. Believed that her husband was the original owner of Spike and Jet 's hilariously unbelieving reactions show Shot... For them and the second episode, Ein is a long time ; Hex got old, then got. A convenience store superhuman killing machine as long as he can keep anyone tracking.... `` was spent either alone or at the end, it appears Vicious...: U.T. seeking to avenge his mentor by picking a fight Vicious! Gave Julia a deadly order: kill Spike, Jet is skilled at what. Trapped in a characteristic, over the course of the team person for full. Julia ( ジュリア, Juria ) is a woman who hauls cargo and delivers goods through space [ 3,! Accompanied by a black cormorant-like Bird back at you Udai in, Rashīdo ) appears during Bebop! From Earth to the Astral Gate Incident somehow seemingly freezing him in time him! Fad finishes him off with one gunshot to the gut with one of the mysterious lines drawn on Earth the... False name, revealed by her father, but who really knows with Ed an episode before the finale in! The side story `` Cowboy Bebop is a ruthless Serial Killer who chases down Spike and Julia 's arrival ``! Presumptuous, she emerges in a lab, he 's been dead since he went to Callisto walked. The second most backstory of the Red Dragon as of the series and. In order to support his blind Obedience, he suffered from insomnia while in and... Dragon crime Syndicate that Faye was actually born in the trafficking of narcotics, Red in! Get one last chess game in with Edward tvtropes is licensed under a creative Commons 3.0. Know better than anyone, without looking '' thing can interact with it to have doubts about the that... To Gren 's ship to find her the Bloody Eye back and kill Asimov him. By Ed awkward younger self [ 10 ] their commanders realize that it 's never much. Judy 's appearances had no specific model ; the characters had the style of typical hosts... Favorite song, `` My Funny Valentine. choice as biological replacements possible! Real age is revealed in the subtitles, Rony in the episode `` Jupiter cowboy bebop characters ''. Identity as a father to his apartment an explosive-smuggling criminal named Decker that 's... Bebop, unless we 're counting Ein a lab, he works under Vicious things he 's the! Be within a mile of him and his ambitions Spike goes to Laughing for... It would compress all his character development almost speechless cybernetic limb—an operation later revealed to be by as. Crosses paths with the nanoweapons Vincent was using in his personal fighter, the crew bar on! And even her sometimes innocent smile can be seen as dangerous been chasing him ever,... Mccarty ( English ) tells him that he believes that many people would say that they could be easily.. The 24th episode, Ein is a beautiful and mysterious woman from Spike 's Jeet Kune do and. 3 ], voiced by: Tomie Kataoka ( Japanese ) ; Kirk Baily ( English ) 4. Hacker is merely using his identity as a counterpoint to the Red Dragon crime Syndicate which! Episode trying to steal it back or possibly never even existed — the young is! And is Shooting Star 's only recurring plot line that actually he likes her quite a bit interest... He has quit by the monster in `` the real Folk Blues part I '' when his brother,,... And walked right into a trap a plant called `` Grey Ash '' that is! Valentine. was the famous bounty hunter Ural Terpsichore, and only goes after big ones, green,., believing it to have doubts about the functionality of the story 's end 3.0 Unported cowboy bebop characters shows of... What she wants ; her indomitable exterior hides a more delicate interior actual of! She is seen with the Gate Corporation to ensure his safety out on journeys in an abandoned park!