However, to be fully effective the sponge must be left in your vagina for 6 … The vaginal contraceptive sponge is a barrier method of birth control. Today Sponge Vaginal Contraceptive ... Special Offer: DEAL OF THE WEEK. Pharmacies and other: "the sponge" is sold and is available over-the-counter at major retailers, family planning clinics, and online. Cost is $9-16. The Vaginal Sponge is a soft, round contraceptive device that works in preventing pregnancy via a barrier method. Add To Cart TODAY SPONGE. Find it at the best price here on Amazon and have it shipped directly to your doorstep. Learn more about Today Vaginal Contraceptive Sponge 3 Sponges in Condoms & Contraceptives, Sexual Wellbeing with Shoppers Drug Mart VCF Vaginal Contraceptive Film ® is a soft square of soluble film that dissolves, creating a gel coating that contains a highly effective spermicide that kills sperm on contact for up to 3 hours. The contraceptive sponge combines barrier and spermicidal methods to prevent conception.. Three brands are marketed: Pharmatex, Protectaid and Today. To buy Gelfoam Sponge from our international mail order prescription service, you must have a valid prescription. The device fits in the vagina like a diaphragm and contains contains Noxynol 9, a spermicide. It is soft and disk-shaped, and made of polyurethane foam. If you are looking to buy a birth control sponge, get the Today Sponge. Birth control sponge is soft and disk-shaped and made of polyurethane foam. Buy Today Sponge, Female Contraceptive (12 Sponges) on FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders The contraceptive sponge is a type of birth control (contraceptive) that prevents sperm from entering the uterus. The contraceptive sponge is one of the most popular barrier birth control methods for women. Tags: barrier method , birth control , contraception , spermicide Ask your doctor about switching to another contraceptive method if you: Have an anatomical peculiarity in your vagina or cervix which can affect the way the sponge fits over your cervical opening; A birth control sponge is called a barrier … Birth control sponge also called contraceptive sponge is a type of birth control (contraceptive) that prevents sperm from entering the uterus. A vaginal contraceptive sponge can stay in your vagina for up to 12 hours. Online sources that provide detailed information include Today Sponge, About Today Sponge and Planned Parenthood. It is a few centimetres wide, and made of white polyurethane foam. The sponge … The Today Sponge is a barrier method birth control product used by women. Follow the specific instructions that came with the product. Pharmaceutical brands of contraceptive sponge. 96 If you would like a barrier method of contraception, like the diaphragm and cervical cap, then you may want to consider the contraceptive sponge. While there are various brands available, the most popular, the Today sponge, was recently re-introduced in the US and Canadian markets, and is set to show up on store shelves in the UK and EU very soon. The only contraceptive sponge available in the United States at this time is the Today® sponge. Although you don’t need a medical prescription to buy the birth control sponge, there are certain contraindications for its use. Push the sponge as far back into the vagina as possible, and place it over the cervix. Great Simulator for Education & Training Birth Control and Safe Sex and Testing. That's it really. Contraceptive sponge or the birth control sponge is a doughnut-shaped sponge, about two inches in size. Free Shipping, Cash on Delivery Available. A sponge can be used as a primary method of birth control. 5 results for contraceptive sponge Save contraceptive sponge to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Where To Purchase Today Sponge. They also sell a 12-pack of Natural Sea Silk Sponges that can be used as menstrual tampons, although they’re labeled as cosmetic sponges. Order Gelfoam Sponge online or call toll free 1-888-487-4224. Buy Today Sponge Vaginal Birth Control, Green, 3 Count on FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders The sponge also blocks the cervix so sperm can't pass. About VCF ®. Product Title VCF Vaginal Contraceptive Pre-Filled Gel Applicators - 10 ct Average Rating: ( 4.3 ) out of 5 stars 39 ratings , based on 39 reviews Current Price $10.96 $ 10 . Unfollow contraceptive sponge to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. Pharmatex is marketed in France and the province of Quebec; Protectaid in the rest of Canada and Europe; and Today in the United States.. You put it far up into your vagina to protect your cervix from sperm. Online Availability: Out of Stock. It is left in place for 6 … The birth control sponge has both pros and cons, and there are several factors that you need to take into consideration before deciding whether you should use it. Sponge Producers Naturals makes a wide range of sponge products for just about every use imaginable, including car detailing, cosmetics and arts and crafts. Check out Today Sponge Mayer 3 Contraceptive Sponges reviews, ratings, specifications and more at Before having sex, you insert the sponge deep inside the vagina so that it covers the cervix. It has a Clear, plastic cut-a-way that shows the Female Anatomy and Physiology. This method can be a good choice for people who can always use it correctly, who haven’t given birth, and who wish to avoid hormonal or long-term contraceptive methods. Today Sponge Vaginal Contraceptive Sponge - 3's $19.99. Sponges are small foam pads that are infused with spermicide. View all Hide all. Using a Vaginal Contraceptive Sponge. It is made of solid polyurethane foam and has a nylon loop attached to the bottom for removal. A sponge can be inserted into the vagina up to 24 hours before intercourse. Buy Today Sponge Mayer 3 Contraceptive Sponges online at low price in India on The Today Sponge is a hormone-free contraceptive alternative. Sponges work in two ways. The birth control sponge, also known as a Today sponge, is a small doughnut-shaped device coated with spermicide. The sponge contains spermicide for extra protection. Check out other Birth Control Options and speak with your doctor before deciding on your birth control method. Buy Gelfoam Sponge (Contraceptive Sponge) online at the guaranteed lowest price.Best Price RX contracts with a Canadian pharmacy, international pharmacies and dispensaries. Contraceptive Sponge . Buy one Kamill Hand Cream for $4.99 and get the second for free. Vaginal contraceptive sponges are soft sponges covered with a spermicide. Bear in mind that it's not the best birth control method on it's own - it is best when used within a buddy system with another form of birth control such as Fertility Awareness Method, also bear in mind that it has to be used with spermicidal gel such as nonoxynol-9 which can cause problems for some women in the form of irritation, infection and increased STD risk. The sponge acts as a physical barrier, but it … It has a loop on one end for easy removal. Shaped a bit like a doughnut, but with an indentation instead of a hole, it also contains spermicide and can … The contraceptive sponge contains spermicide, which blocks or kills sperm. It’s available over the counter in many drugstores. However, they both contain N-9. You can buy it online, in some pharmacies or grocery stores or at family planning clinics. The contraceptive sponge, or birth control sponge, is a soft, round piece of plastic foam with a loop for removal. It contains a spermicide called nonoxynol-9. As far as I know, there are only two other types of contraceptive sponge on the market: the Today and the Protectaid. VAGINAL SPONGE. Yes, I am located in the U.S. Because of a nonoxynol-9 (N-9) allergy, I need a contraceptive that does not contain N-9. The contraceptive sponge is a soft, round barrier device that is about 2 inches in diameter. Safe-T is a hormone-free vaginal contraceptive sponge that is made from a soft, flexible material. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! Get the best deals for contraceptive sponge at Female Pelvic Contraceptive Model best Demonstrate Variety of Female Contraception Education Tool. Using the product is relatively simple and many women like that the product does not contain hormones. The sponge must first be moistened with water and then inserted into the vagina before intercourse. The female sponge helps in preventing pregnancy through the blockade and spermicidal methods. The contraceptive sponge, or birth control sponge, is a disk made of foam. It is the only sponge that contains a gel that combines three spermicidal ingredients, which increase the sponge's effectiveness up to 91% prevention. The contraceptive sponge is about two inches in diameter, made of soft foam, and contains nonoxynol-9 spermicide. Today is the only brand that requires wetting – around two tablespoons of water – while Protectaid and Pharmatex are ready to use out of the pack.. All pharmaceutical brands of contraceptive sponge can be inserted up to 24 hours before sex, and left in place for at least six hours after sex. Looking for a short term solution until I get coil fitted at the end of the month. It can be inserted immediately before intercourse or up to 24 hours before. You can have vaginal sex as often as you’d like in the first 6 hours after inserting the sponge. This soft, round vaginal sponge is made from polyurethane foam. When semen comes in contact with the sponge, the spermicide helps to kill the sperm cells. Really don't get on with condoms so thought about the sponge, no idea where to buy it, preferably not online unless its quick as I am away this weekend.