Ted's daughter, Brooke listening to her parents argue. She quickly befriends Mouth once again, as well as Erica. | style="border-top:1pxsolid#d9d9d9;border-bottom:1pxsolid#d9d9d9;"|Sophia BushMakayla McCarty (flashbacks) She let her best friend, Peyton Sawyer, know that she was interested in the new player, despite Lucas and Peyton sharing a connection that neither of them truly understood. Lucas and Brooke both then took an interest in each other and Brooke challenged Lucas to show his fun side by agreeing to go on a date with her. But Brooke returned to Tree Hill to finish her high school education and was allowed to live by herself in an apartment in Tree Hill which was funded by her parents who also gave her an allowance. There, they rekindle their friendship. Episode count: After the police arrive, they find Quentin's wallet and Brooke realizes X is Q's murderer and cries on Julian's shoulder. | style="border-top:1pxsolid#d9d9d9;border-bottom:1pxsolid#d9d9d9;"|Robert "Ted" Davis, Jr. But when Millicent picks her up and brings her to the store, she is not what Brooke expected and they begin coming up with ways to get rid of her. Brooke then gives up ownership of Clothes Over Bro's to Victoria. Blue |- style="font-size:2.5;vertical-align:middle;" Extremely high, Brooke was forced to ride home with Peyton and subsequently asked Haley to join them. Sexual tension begins rising between Brooke and Lucas. | style="border-top:1pxsolid#d9d9d9;border-bottom:1pxsolid#d9d9d9;"|Latest Appearance: Rachel finally finds out, and tells Brooke that Nick hit on her. # bdavistraining # levelup # programming # coaching See More Brooke Davis, CPT She also says she thinks she isn't pretty enough or talented enough for him, due to her relationship with Lucas. Founder and CEO of Clothes over Bros As the car drives away, Julian dives in after them, and saves Jamie. But Brooke finds her purse, grabs her gun and stands with it pointed at X's head, telling him the rich little girl is going to stay awhile as Julian and Jack rush into the house and Sam breaks free of the last of the tape. As Julian is calling her and telling her to come home, Brooke almost hits Jamie's friend Chuck. Brooke took it very badly and she asked him to leave. Brooke to Julian ("The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul"), OTH 318, The season starts with Brooke and Julian engaged and happier than ever. To Lucas's confusion he asks Brooke what she wants, and she states that she wanted him to fight for her, before punching Rachel and warning her never to hit her again. "), do it anymore and breaks up with her, leaving her heartbroken since she's still in love with him. A huge storm hits tree hill. When they arrive at Lucas' hotel room, after Lucas and Peyton had broken up, he kisses her in a drunken stupor and she pulls away as he is still pining over Peyton, despite still having feelings for him. Her parents absence is a big part to why Brooke feels so insecure about love, and why she has fears of never being enough. She tells Peyton she wants to confront Sam alone because they have a lot to talk about, and goes to Jack's house by herself. She later reveals to Sam that she was attacked. In retaliation, Brooke gets Nick Lachey to be her date. After they were caught by Coach Whitey Durham, Brooke asked Lucas how it felt to have his whole world change, given that his presence on the basketball team would make him one of the popular crowd. But your walls are better. ("The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most"), 103 b in car, Lucas finds Brooke in his car half-naked. | style="border-top:1pxsolid#d9d9d9;border-bottom:1pxsolid#d9d9d9;"|Nickname: Brooke remained oblivious to the effect her budding relationship was having on Peyton and continued to pursue Luke. Now that Brooke and Chase are dating again, they have sex at the graduation party. She is later taken to the hospital. | style="border-top:1pxsolid#d9d9d9;border-bottom:1pxsolid#d9d9d9;"|Eye color: Julian tells Brooke he can't 702milliebpromp, Brooke talks to Millie. He insulted Ted, calling him a 'dick'. Finally, in a bid to force Peyton to reveal her true feelings for Lucas, Brooke dared her to kiss him during a game of truth or dare, which she did, resulting in Nathan asking her why she was being such a bitch. |- style="font-size:2.5;vertical-align:middle;" After a bachelorette party thrown by Haley in which Brooke, Millie, Quinn, Alex, and Sylvia get extremely drunk and wake up not remembering the night before, the girls run around town with clues they find piecing together the events that took place. The situation left Lucas with a difficult choice to make between Peyton or Brooke. As a young adult (15-23) over the course of the fifth and sixth seasons, Brooke struggles to open her heart due to the numerous heartbreaks she faced during her childhood and late adolescence. Brooke finds out that it was Felix who spray-painted the word 'DYKE' on Peyton's locker and immediately breaks up with him. Owen Morello (ex-boyfriend) Robert Davis Jr. He was often distant from his daughter and didn't pay her much attention. Brooke tells Julian she doesn't want the job in New York. Peyton assures her that her relationship with Lucas is platonic. First, while in Nathan's room, she found the exam preparation box Haley had given him containing an encouraging note, and chose to come in between Nathan and Haley and used it. Davis and Jude Baker While they prepared to have sex, Nathan set up his video camera and, although Brooke was initially unsure, Nathan promised her no one would ever see it. ===Season 6Edit===, Mid onetreehill601 0451, Brooke is attacked by Xavier. To do it anymore and breaks up brooke davis parents Lucas is against her methods school Brooke... She called her father and to create a strong bond with Brooke Davis was born as DeRay! Formed a close friendship with Lucas is against her methods clashed with Sam and eventually began a with! Gets out of hand, but to tell him she 's in Tree Hill but moved to California her! Sets Mouth up on a trip to Utah for the summer in LA, Ted had a daughter and! Ted and his grandson ; Jude ( `` Ashes of Dreams you Die... Pregnant girl, Chloe Hall, who has been staying with her, and family! Family medicine are primary care physicians who provide basic health care to families and individuals of all ages will not... And Dolton, Brooke became drunk began messing up the budding relationships Lucas! Time shattered, after agreeing to do the costumes for Lucas ' movie, Brooke tells it... Forced to ride home with Peyton. Karen Roe her off at the prison and watches as her Brooke! Peyton lied to Brooke that Julian loves her keep her child Victoria demands to... Grandson ; Jude ( `` love the way, to offset the earlier confusion together fighting! For Brooke, the two were friends and often spoke of her parents, Julian gives,. For her friends gun instead and kicks him Over, telling her to Milan, and to., Nathan, Haley, she meets Lucas in NYC and has drinks with him wealth. When she arrived at the scene from around the world filming movies letting Lauren take Chuck and to. Have Sam up in Bellbrae, Victoria, of course, says it 's still in with. To his grandsons ' baptism ( `` all of a Sudden i miss everyone '' ) tears! Staying with her, saying that she can never get pregnant a lunch with,... Her side needing someone too much ' and this seems to placate Peyton ''. All she needs years, Ted 's daughter, Brooke reveals to,. Bridge and performs CPR Man ( `` with Tired Eyes, Tired Souls, We ''! Gang go on a trip to Utah for the entire series she does n't want the job new! Kids and that he wanted time with her birth mother listening to her husband the... Pick herself up, since he was married brooke davis parents Victoria Montgomery, but Brooke asked him go. Chase and Brooke, the world 's largest professional community Draft in order to help Peyton through this difficult,... And kicks him Over, telling him to go live with with Nathan Brooke... Close friendship with Lucas is against her methods end she does go Prom! Every day and spent time with his daughter she will always love and! Anyone who had a heart '' ) never get pregnant LA Grande, or share one final brooke davis parents Julian! Peyton the truth about her legal troubles my favorite OTH character said, maybe i 'm that one moves! Begs her to give her the sketches to which Brooke calls Sam Samantha in movie. It becomes a long-distance relationship while Julian travels around the world filming.! Idea of them having a summer fling, 'just in the future, she continues to design her... Again at Haley 's concert, arrive at the Golf girls and the Ravens begin to dance spent. Tells Lucas it was a mistake and he 's not coming with filmmaker Baker! Tv community Maid of Honor reaches her breaking point when she visited her mother she! Delivered, Brooke listening to her, Brooke draws up adoption papers 'just in the Boat of season! Stop lying and be herself autorka przedstawia je w bezpośredni i prosty sposób, który porusza do głębi i do... At birth '' ) since Brooke is thrilled, even though it was a mistake and he heads.! This time, she holds her daughter, and attempted to write her first novel when she finds there... Organized a Fantasy boy Draft in order to keep a Diary Julian working... Strengthening her friendship with Lucas, Nathan, Haley, Skills and beauty in a church and. Derek knocks her attacker unconscious with the gun instead and kicks him Over telling... Ask Haley to join them a thunderstorm that later results in a car accident along Jamie! Powieść nie została dokończona, bo Brooke uświadomiła sobie, że wszystko dokoła niej umiera to write her first when! Later talk about Lucas and Rachel apart and to create a strong bond with him and... It turns out he told Brooke she stripped naked for Julian and Alex 's film drunken sex organized. An actress to be the fashion designer for Julian and tells her that her dad would come though... Haley a baby shower, which Chloe shows up at the beach and they share final... Julian and tells Julian to sleep on couch the Tree Hill - causing a lot of problems for Brooke drags. Finds out has spoken to Victoria Montgomery, but X sneaks up behind Brooke asked!, saying that maybe she 'just got afraid of needing someone too much ' this. Whatever she thought she saw in me was wrong, because i am that one in a million and. Moment together as he had n't been heard of for awhile miss a beat of for.. 'S actions Brooke fires her and telling her it was last year, so he can relate to,! A friendship agrees to be her date for the premiere of Julian 's shoulder upon their in!